Bio & Vegan Signature Experiences


“Be Serene”

Lavender, chamomile & jasmine balm
Perfect for times of stress, relaxing massage techniques made with the therapist’s palms and forearms accompanied with specific music, leaving you ready for your deepest sleep ever.
50 min / 119 EUR
80 min* / 149 EUR *

“Be Balanced”

Lavender, juniper, camphor, rosemary, clove and thyme balm
A tailored therapeutic massage that promotes good health. Firmer pressure, deep tissue massage techniques are applied where there is a thicker muscle coverage to reduce tension, contractures, relieve the pain and relaxing movements are applied to the body´s delicate parts to restore and balance the body.
50 min / 119 EUR
80 min* / 149 EUR *

“Be Reinforced”

Ginger, rosemary and myrrh essential oil balm
This detoxifying massage treatment consists of light pressure and long, gentle, rhythmic movements to increase the lymph flow, ending with a stimulating foot reflex pressure massage to encourage the release and elimination of toxins and naturally improve the body´s immune system overall.
50 min / 119 EUR
80 min* / 149 EUR *

“Be Offline”

Grapeseed oil & personalised aromatherapy
The best therapy for our body, mind and spirit, purifying the digital pollution in our lives today. The therapist focuses on tension in the back, shoulders, neck and hands produced as a result from the frequent use of digital devices, and ends with an intense, deep, relaxing and profound head, facial and eye massage.
50 min / 119 EUR


Organic Vitis Vinifera (Grapeseed oil)
A relaxing and carefully applied massage that is recommended from the 4th month of pregnancy onwards. This treatment improves the blood circulation, moistures the skin, and relieves tension and aches in the neck and lower back as well as heaviness in the legs.
50 min / 119 EUR

"The White Swan"
Chair massage

A quick stress release
A massage given while you sit in a special therapeutic chair that can be performed in the gazebo overlooking our garden pool in during summer. The treatment focuses on your back, shoulders, neck, arms and hands, i.e the areas that contain the most tension. It is a clothed massage, meaning it is applied while you are dressed, without the use of massage oils
20 min / 39 EUR

Relax On-The-Go

Personalised aromatherapy
An express massage ideal for starting or finishing the day! It relieves tension in the back, shoulders and neck or alleviates leg and ankle fatigue, leaving them refreshed and energised. 
30 min / 79 EUR
*Additional shoulder, neck and head massage: only available for 80 minutes

Facial Experiences

Facial "Goddess Rose"

For those who love roses
Luxurious rose oils to deep clean, nourish the skin, calm the irritation and redness caused by the continuous use of the safety masks and heal you emotionally with their multiple wellbeing proprieties. The result is a purified, smooth, and luminous complexion.
50 min /  119 EUR
80 min* / 149 EUR 

Facial “Full moon”

Far East and Mediteranean fusion
A pure, white, simple, and natural facial treatment that magically transforms the Rice into “something else”. The rice together with bamboo and as a scent the absolute from the Jazmin, it restores the skin’s PH balance and at the same time moisturises, calms, and softens…A pleasure sensation for a naturally beautiful porcelain skin!
50 min / 119 EUR
80 min* / 149 EUR 
*Additional shoulder, neck and head massage: only available for 80 minutes

Rituals “Scents of Mallorca”

Discover all the unexpected wonders that Mallorca has to offer

Sweet Quince & Rosemary Detox Infusion

“A cocktail of vitamins and antioxidants”
Rich in fruit acids, the gentle quince enzyme peel will purify all traces of impurities leaving your skin moisturised and glowing, with rosemary acting as a detoxifier. Enjoy the feeling of being covered in layers of active natural ingredients before a relaxing scalp massage gently awakes your senses. 
75 min / 149 EUR

Almond & Rose Cocoon

"Journey to radiance face and body”
A complex ritual undertaken with a powerful blend of ingredients: Mallorcan almond milk and emotionally balancing roses to reveal a fresh, new you. While you are inside the almond and rose cocoon, a rose facial treatment will complete the journey towards radiance for your body, mind, and soul.
90 min / 179 EUR

Mandarin Reflexology & Revitalising Foot Massage

Tired legs and feet?
Infuse your feet with lightness and new energy, in this treatment we will gently massage away tiredness from your feet and legs with our unique salt and mandarin exfoliation.  The citrus essential oils uplift the spirit while the stimulation of foot acupressure points is a deeply restorative experience.
40 min / 89 EUR
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