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Botànic Delivery, Haute Cuisine to your door

Every day doesn’t have to be the same, despite being confined at home. Can Bordoy Grand House & Garden wants to make each day special and distinct, so it has launched its healthy haute cuisine delivery service, direct from the Botànic’s kitchen in the heart of Palma. The service is available every Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday, starting on the 2nd April.

Botànic’s chef, Andrés Benítez, has prepared a specially designed menu so that the dishes arrive at their destination as if they leaving the restaurant’s kitchen. The snack section includes succulent dishes such as: octopus with pickled salad and spicy mayonnaise, beef and duck cannelloni with pumpkin, curry and asparagus sauce, and artichoke flower with classic steak tartare.

For those in the mood for fish, there are two options: hake with creamy buckwheat, spinach, tomato and dried fruit salad and roast turbot with herbs, vegetables and pumpkin puree.

Those who prefer meat can choose from these exquisite dishes: free-range chicken stuffed with apple and rissole potatoes in truffle butter, roasted Iberian pork shoulder with parsnip and vanilla purée with orange sauce, and Mallorcan suckling lamb shoulder glazed with honey and fresh herbs, accompanied with dried fruit couscous.

For those who cannot imagine a good lunch or dinner without dessert, Botànic Delivery also offers: almond semifreddo with orange and pineapple sautéed in rum, cremoso cheese in a red fruit and strawberry bath, and brownie with kumquat, chocolate cream and orange molasses.

To finish lunch or dinner in style, there is a short, but special, wine list with bottles of white, sparkling, red and rosé.

Chef Andrés Benítez is in charge of preparing the meals in Botànic’s kitchen. The components of each dish are packaged so that they arrive in optimum conditions at each home, with isothermal packaging that preserves the quality and temperature. They also include the chef’s instructions for heating and plating up, so that when the dish is served at home it looks just as it does when it leaves Botànic’s kitchen.


Combo time

Botànic’s delivery menu includes the chef’s combos, a combined dish that takes into account the recommended nutritional intake. For Andrés Benítez, healthy cooking has always been a priority and now, in these days where people are obliged to stay at home, combos make even more sense.

With this idea in mind, he has prepared several combos: steamed avocado with sautéed lentils, pumpkin and almond purée; a prawn combo with sautéed Venere rice and chickpeas with green sauce; a vegan hamburger with risotto and sautéed vegetables; and a kids combo containing a beef mini-burger, baked potatoes and sautéed rice with peas.

Days can be different

Every day doesn’t have to feel the same. This Thursday, while staying home, could be a good day to start the weekend in style. Diners can enjoy dishes from the Botànic restaurant at their table, prepared with care by the chef, along with a special bottle of wine to encourage conversation. It can also be the perfect gift for a special someone, as a birthday or anniversary surprise, delivered straight to their home. It is also a great idea for a sumptuous meal at Easter, as the Botànic kitchen will remain open. Discover the menu.

About the delivery service

Orders can be made, 24 hours in advance, by phone, e-mail or on Can Bordoy’s website. All orders arrive chilled and can be kept in the fridge for 48 hours. The complete menu can be seen on the website and special petitions are also catered for.   

+34 680 943 283 – +34 871 871 202 – –

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