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Botànic, healthy high cuisine

Can Bordoy - Grand House & Garden

Chef Andrés Benítez leads this way day and a la carte culinary experience

Natural, modest cuisine is the hallmark of this new luxury gastronomy concept. This is the proposal of Botànic restaurant, which forms part of Can Bordoy Grand House & Garden, located in the heart of Palma’s Old Quarter. Botànic brings together gourmet flavours with conscious and nurturing cuisine.

The proposal is the result of chef Andrés Benítez’s immense interest in healthy recipes and the nutritional value of the ingredients used in cooking. Andrés has many years of experience in renowned, Michelin-starred restaurants. These include: Sergi Arola (Madrid), Nerua by chef Josean Alija (Bilbao) and Bou restaurant by Mallorcan chef Tomeu Caldentey. His career has now culminated in the innovative Botànic restaurant project and its “nurturing cuisine”. This All-Day and À la carte concept can be enjoyed in all corners of the romantic and glamorous Grand House that hosts the celebrated Can Bordoy building, whose different rooms become uniquely charming dining rooms. It is a friendly and welcoming setting that makes the guest feel at home, where they can savour homemade and healthy food, thanks to Andrés Benítez’s desire to showcase this type of cuisine. His menu is a reflection of this, both in technique and in knowledge, full of natural, modest and honest cuisine.

What is on Botànic’s menu?

As well as its organic and healthy qualities, Botànic’s menu is dynamic, different and open to its diner’s appetites, so that they can enjoy, at any time of the day, different options according to their preferences. Although it isn’t vegetarian or vegan cuisine, these options can also be found on the menu so as to suit these nutritional needs.

Healthy bowls and eggs cooked to order, available all day.

The menu starts with healthy bowls, ideal for starting the day with an energy-packed breakfast, but which are also a great choice for a snack, such as the artisanal yogurt bowl with seasonal fruit and homemade granola, or the kefir, dried cranberry, cereal and fruit bowl, or the chia bowl with almond vegan yogurt, fruit and carob treacle. If the diner wishes to know more about the nutritional value of the main ingredients, all they have to do is look at the nutrition glossary at the end of the menu, where each ingredient is carefully drawn by hand. Here you will discover that kefir, for example, is a probiotic that balances the intestinal flora, and that it is a source of amino acids, vitamins, magnesium and calcium.

Eggs are cooked to order; be they free-range eggs, poached, fried, English style, as an open tortilla with spinach, Iberian ham, fresh tomato and bimis, or even scrambled eggs with tofu with grilled vegetables. The best thing is that all this can be eaten as an individual dish or as a brunch table (Healthy, Islander, International or Vegetarian) combining bowls with eggs, bagels, toast or platters with freshly baked brown bread and cold meats, served at the table. Deliciously gastronomic tapas and oven roast specialties are also on the Botànic’s menu including: Llonguet (Mallorcan bread roll) filled with cuttlefish and sobrasada, Raolas (Mallorcan tempura) with thyme treacle, Moray eel fritter with turmeric mayonnaise, roasted feta cheese, salted Iberian pork shoulder slivers with mussels and fennel, and marinated vegetables and bluefin tuna with red vermouth.

The combos: a satisfying innovation

One of the most surprising culinary experiences on the menu are the combos; a unique dish with everything that the diner needs. They are our chef’s reinterpretation of the classic combo-meal, but which follows strict nutritional and dietary criteria, and with the aim of being as tasty as possible. Combos such as chargrilled and roasted avocado with red curry, bimis and Beluga lentils, estuary gilthead sea bream with buckwheat risotto, spinach, Tandoori spices and Ramallet tomato, or the Balearic Angus burger with horseradish mayonnaise and local dried apricot ketchup.

Healthy and artisanal pastry

Healthy bread and pastries also form a prominent part of Botànic’s menu. On the one hand, we have the artisanal products from Forn de la Glòria, an old bakery situated on the same street as Can Bordoy, that was founded in 1700 and continues to bake their goods in the traditional way. On the other hand, we have our chef’s sweet table which avoids refined and processed ingredients, but at the same time offers full flavour with homemade ice cream, honey and syrup made without sugar. Perfect for tasting at any time of the day, especially during afternoon tea.

Botànic dresses up at night with its tasting menu

Table d’Hôte at night, Botànic offers the diner a seven-course tasting dinner menu that is updated every two months. It is the best way to get to know the “healthy gourmet cuisine” of chef Andrés Benítez. This is without forgetting the extensive wine list that has 140 selections, between them fragrant, sparkling, red, white and rosé. Many of the wines are of Mallorcan “designation of origin”, recommended by sommelier Emiliano Mei. In short, it is healthy haute cuisine, where the product and its taste is of the utmost importance. In addition, Can Bordoy, with its extensive urban garden and its marvellous rooms, make it a superbly attractive place in which to dine.

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