Enjoy of the best breakfasts in the city. Healthy flavors to taste from the largest private garden in Palma.
Experience, at night, a new gastronomic pleasure at Botànic Restaurant: the place to be in the city where enjoying our revolutionary plant-forward concept. A superb ambience and the sexiest flavors, only inside Can Bordoy.


A different hotel breakfast. Gluten free with no added sugar. Energy bowls, honeycomb, oats, chia seeds, healthy milkshakes, and all kinds of eggs are served each morning with natural, fresh ingredients, enabling you to start the day in a healthy way.

Botànic menu

13.00H - 16.00h & 19.00h – 22.30h

BOTÀNIC is the definitive upscale “plant forward” dining experience. Vibrant, dynamic and bold, BOTÀNIC takes a sophisticated stance in the world of green cuisine and positions itself as a market leading concept in plant forward gastronomy. Based on a tale of discovery and voyages yet rooted in the of love of the land, BOTÀNIC offers a sensual and seductive experience that is sure to change your perception of healthy food.

Sunday Brunch

choose your turn: 10.00H, 12.00H or 14:00H
A delicious lunch with soft piano live music, surrounded by the natural landscapes that form our secret garden in the centre of Palma. 

tasting menU

FROM 7.30 P.M. TO 11 P.M.
Botànic offers the diner a seven-course tasting dinner menu that is updated monthly. It is the best way to get to know the "healthy gourmet cuisine" of chef Andrés Benítez. This is without forgetting the extensive wine list that has hundreds selections, between them fragrant, sparkling, red, white and rosé.
Available until the 27th of July and from September, 2019 
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