Emiliano Mei, the sommelier of stories

Emiliano Mei loves stories. This Italian with the languid and dreamy gaze, but whose pupils burn with fire, was born in Rome and studied law. However, his career as a gastronomic journalist enabled him to find his true calling.

“There was something about that period that grabbed my attention and captivated me forever. It wasn’t about food, it wasn’t not even about wine per se. It was about people.”

This was how he explained the moment in which his life changed forever and he decided to try a new experience by enrolling in the Italian Sommelier Association.. 

“People don’t just come to drink good wine, this is taken for granted. They come looking for something else, a moment of connection, of learning. That’s why
sommeliers are little bit like psychologists too” he confesses while laughing at the same

“Part psychologist, sociologist and part historian. Each bottle contains a story, about the people who have made the liquid elixir stored inside. How they cultivated it, pampering it over time, overcoming difficulties, how they achieved each note. This is what makes wine so special, it is a story of continual improvement that gives the wine its body and taste before the bottle is placed on a table. In the end, it is like the most important things in life, they are special because they are also the ones that cost the most.”

Emiliano Mei is not only a sommelier, he is also a storyteller. So much so that the conversations that he has with diners in Botànic Restaurant have become so famous that many people come in search of him for a good chat, accompanied by a great wine.

“The most important thing is to connect. Connecting with the person in front of you through smell, taste and, above all, the history of each bottle. If you can do this, you intensify their sensations. They’ll not only enjoy the wine more, but life itself as well.


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