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First Host’s Letter

Can Bordoy - Grand House & Garden

After many months of work, dedication and endeavor, Can Bordoy Grand House & Garden is finally a reality.

Dear friend,

After many months of work, dedication and endeavor, Can Bordoy Grand House & Garden is finally a reality. Perseverance and a special bond that unites our team, who are now a family, have been the decisive factors in bringing this singular project to life.

As the first host of this Grand House, I would like to dedicate this message as a way of saying thank you to each and every one of the people who have put their all into this new hotel concept, a project that has awakened so much passion and emotion. There have been very few times in my working life, a career in which I have had the privilege of leading teams and projects within the prestigious luxury brand sector, that I have seen so many people working with so much dedication, together as a big family and pushing in the same direction. This team has become the architect of the dreams that the visionary of this project had, a man that has inspired us with his romantic daydream. Don Mikael Hall, from Sweden, arrived on our beloved island and saw, as he likes to say, “the light streaming through the windows of an abandoned building in Palma’s Old Quarter, illuminating everything in a special way.” His vision has made it possible that the splendour of the past, where precedence was given to good manners, education and noble traditions, once again shines, returning to the city one of its most valuable cultural heritage sites, through the restoration of this emblematic building and its majestic private garden.

We would like to give you a warm welcome to our family and open the doors to our welcoming and endearing home. This special place has been built from the ruins with the perseverance of the team behind it. A place which represents an important life lesson and a motto that will always accompany us; good things always come to those who wait.

Always @ your service,

Can Bordoy family.

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