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Time. A word that is omnipresent these days, but up until a few weeks ago most people were not aware of what it meant. Some people spend their quarantine by working at home or making video calls to family and friends, while others update their cooking skills or search for new beauty routines that they previously didn’t have time for. Can Bordoy’s Lady of the House, Klementyna Scieszka, is an expert in five-star attention and offers tips and advice for those in search of ideas. This spectacular, five-star, Grand Luxury hotel made up of 24 suites measuring between 30 and 80 m2, has revolutionised the historic centre of Palma de Mallorca since its opening in December 2019. Klementyna is responsible for making the guest’s stay at Can Bordoy a unique and unforgettable experience. This can also be achieved at home, with the following recommendations.

1.    Start the day full of energy

Experts recommend a healthy diet during quarantine, with breakfast being the most important meal of the day. Normally this only happens on Sunday due to lack of time, but now it can become one of the best moments of the day, just as it is for the hotel’s guests.

Klementyna’s tip: “lay out breakfast on the tray in an attractive way by placing the different dishes as if they were in still life painting, combining food colours together to create a mouth-watering display. If you have any flowers, place them in the centre of the tray to make it clear that, at least in your home, spring has arrived.”

2.     Pamper yourself on the outside

Take advantage of the quarantine by making a to-do list, especially in terms of personal grooming. Extra time can be used to achieve perfect manicures and pedicures, with homemade facials or hair masks.

Klementyna’s tip: “one of the proposals that our guests enjoy the most consists of applying a hair mask made from a natural recipe that I make myself, containing a spoonful of bee honey, one egg and a spoonful of apple vinegar. Mix together and apply to dry hair, letting it rest for about thirty to forty minutes. Wash your hair afterwards, being sure to use a sulphate and paraben-free shampoo like the ones we use in Can Bordoy.”

3.     Pamper yourself on the inside

There’s nothing more pleasant than relaxing with a cup of tea or a homemade infusion. Klementyna is always aware of this fact and asks guests about their favourite tea and when they like to take it before they arrive. Rooibos, Earl Grey and ginger infusion are some of the most popular flavours.

Klementyna’s tip: “many of our guests arrive exhausted or stressed out, and some have difficulty sleeping. My recommendation for guests and for  people currently stuck at home is to make a linden flower tea before going to bed. Renowned for relieving anxiety, it almost always guarantees a good night’s sleep.”

4.    Take a hot bath with added extras

Another classic recommendation is a hot bath. A ritual that many people don’t have the time for has suddenly become a leisurely and relaxing experience.

Klementyna’s tip: “almost all of our suites have a spacious and beautiful bathtub, so the following request is one that our guests often make. The bath is carefully prepared with many details, all adding to a unique experience: a romantic setting with candles, an intoxicating soundtrack in the background, bath salts, a glass of cava or champagne and rose or flower petals. It’s a healthy addiction that I’m sure many people are going to love at home. Let your imagination run wild and turn bathtime into a memorable moment.”

5.    Choose the right pillow that for a good night’s sleep

A proper pillow is one of the things that people miss most when they travel. This is why hotels like Can Bordoy Grand House & Garden offer their guests the possibility of choosing between different types of pillows according to type and firmness: hard, latex, cervical or feather, among others. Choosing the right pillow and airing it every day is important for sleeping well.

Klementyna’s tip: “if you have a balcony or terrace and you love aromatic flowers, put a small sprig of lavender or rosemary on your pillow before going to bed. The smell will help you fall asleep immediately.”

Can Bordoy Grand House & Garden wishes a healthy and safe quarantine to all its guests and friends, and hopes that they will soon be able to experience the magical details of its wonderful suites for themselves, thanks to its well-organised Lady of the House, Klementyna.

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