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Meet our Lady of the House

Can Bordoy - Grand House & Garden

Can Bordoy’s butler is 26 years old and has the face of an angel

Our Lady of the House, as she likes to be called, arrives on time for the interview. She is relaxed and is wearing an elegantly serene smile, full of warmth, as she welcomes me into the restaurant. We sit at a table with its colourful velvet chairs, decorated with delicate bouquets of faded wildflowers, which seem to have just been picked from the majestic garden that extends beyond the room’s windows. Her angelic face, with its charming, childlike appearance, is illuminated by large, clear eyes through which an old, traveller’s soul can be seen. However, at just 26 years old, Klementyna has shown that the life experience is not counted in numbers, but by situations lived and miles travelled.

“What I love doing most in this world is travelling. Discovering hidden places, meeting different people, getting to know new cultures. People, and their lives, are really exciting. I believe that the greatest learning experience that a human being can undergo is through the people they know. Each of the souls you come across in life teaches you something. You just have to know how to listen, and be open to them, to appreciate their greatness. That’s why I decided to study hospitality. It was my one-way ticket to go on a journey and discover new cultures. I was born in Poland, and I trained at the Les Roches Hospitality Management School. I started working when I was very young, when I was just 16 years old, combining work with my studies. This gave me experience in many different areas of the hospitality industry and I advanced in my career much faster than normal. I then started at the prestigious Asian hotel chain, Mandarin Oriental, where I entered directly into the butler service department. It was there that I found my true calling and reached professional maturity. I fell completely in love with the job, because every day was something new, a distinct adventure. And with each new day on the job you get to know the guest a little more, something which allows me to develop my creativity, and enables me to create small moments or special experiences for them, giving their stay that touch of magic. Making contact with people is something intangible but at the same time it gives immense fulfilment. This applies for both guests and colleagues, of course. In the end, they become family. We experience this house together, both its challenges and its successes, and it is important to want to be with your team because if not it is much more difficult to get up in the morning. We are here, together, on our birthdays, at Christmas and on our anniversaries, when maybe our real families are a thousand kilometres away from here. The team’s parts have to fit together.

If you ask me what I would like to be doing 10 years’ time, I would answer that I want to be doing exactly the same thing: to continue doing what makes me happy, being here, just as I am now. I do not want any position in particular, I do not align my career progression with ambition or with specific dates. The biggest challenge for me is to develop as a person, and if I do climb up the career ladder, I want those steps to be taken with happiness. I think that I am very lucky to be able to say this.”

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