High Touch Cellular Facial Treatments

Perfect Lifting

Inspired by advanced medical anti-aging techniques, this intensive and exclusive facial treatment offers spectacular and immediate effects. Acting as a natural lifting, it visibly improves the skin firmness while promoting cellular renewal. It combines the most innovative rejuvenating solutions and specific manual technics. The face contour is remodeled; wrinkles are smoothed away.
75 min/EUR 399

Perfect Hydration

This innovating treatment protects the skin’s cells in the deepest layers from premature aging, dehydration and irregular skin texture. The skin is replumped, smoothed and perfectly moisturized.
75 min/EUR 359

Perfect Lightening

This targeted facial specifically designed to balance the melanin production, visibly evens and brightens the complexion and brings an immediate radiance and youthfulness to the skin.
75 min/EUR 359

Purifying Protection

This essential highly active anti-oxidant facial deeply purifies the pores while accelerating the tissue oxygenation. This treatment is the perfect cure for free radicals exposed skins and is the best ally for skin aging prevention.
75 min/EUR 299

Perfect Recovery

Through the combination of highly calming and soothing ingredients with specific technics, this targeted treatment will support the natural healing process of the skin. It immediately calms the irritation and inflammation sensation while deeply repairing the damages induced by internal imbalances and external aggressions.
60 min/EUR 299

 Men Perfect Repair

A targeted facial treatment designed for specific men’s skins. It erases all signs of fatigue for a fresh and healthy appearance. This treatment is tailored to ensure optimum skin rejuvenation for men of any age.
75 min/EUR 299

Cellular Facial Enhancement by Swiss Perfection

Perfect Eye Contour

This focused treatment formulated with ultrapure collagen and packed with high-performance active ingredients provides immediate visible results. Eye contour is rejuvenated; signs of fatigue are erased. This youth-boosting treatment for the eye contour helps to increase the rate of cell renewal, smooths wrinkles and reveals a young glance.
40 min/EUR 149

Perfect Décolleté

This specific care rejuvenates and reshapes the décolleté area. It targets wrinkles, skin sagging as well as loss of firmness and dark spots. The skin of the neck and décolleté is visibly rejuvenated and firmed.
40 min/EUR 149

Perfect Leg

This specific and targeted treatment brings a stimulating and relaxing freshness for feet and legs. Legs and feet are feeling comfortable with a light sensation and beautiful finish.
40 min/EUR 149

Facial Supplement 

“Pure Collagen EYE Mask” *only available in combination with your Swiss Perfection Facial treatment
15 min/EUR 39
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