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Welcome to 

Can Bordoy Grand House & Garden,

a sanctuary of hospitality.


Vegetation forms a prominent part of the interior of our Grand House, climbing across the walls and roofs and making one feel part of a picturesque utopia that sparks the imagination and awakens memories of the past. Ultramarine colours with aristocratic brush strokes, walls dressed in nostalgic velvet, majestic curtains that draw beautiful chiaroscuros, Art Deco elements and pieces obtained in different antique shops across the world combine with pieces obtained in Mallorcan shops.
Can Bordoy Grand House & Garden brings back to life a historical part of Palma's history by reinventing the classic legacy of this famous building on Calle Forn de la Glória.


Passion for art, architecture and design exist together in Can Bordoy Grand House & Garden, along with a solemn respect for tradition and good manners. The present and the past reconcile with each other in the spacious private garden, which is replete with luxurious vegetation, and where guests can get lost between paths full of light and shadow.
It is a vibrant and leafy lung where the leaves of the trees seem to whisper to passersby, speaking to them know about time past.
Can Bordoy - Grand House & Garden

Leisure Highlights

If you are around, why don´t you stop by and enjoy our wonderful experiences? Well-being is the new luxury!


Unique Suites

24 unique suites that offer guests the hospitality of a private residence, thanks to our private butler service, designed for creating an inspiring theatrical atmosphere. that will envolve you in a velvet world.
Can Bordoy - Grand House & Garden


Our garden inspires the name of our restaurant and our gastronomic concept, creating an exquisite culinary proposal that has as its foundation respect for organic and natural products, and is based on the multitude of flavours that is characteristic of traditional Mallorcan cuisine.
Can Bordoy - Grand House & Garden

Our Spa

The beauty of luxury

Surrounded by original natural stone walls from the XII century, and dimly illuminated by dozens of candles, you will be submerged into a world of beauty and wellness, hand in hand with the most prestigious cosmetics line in the world, Swiss Perfection.


WHen the beauty remains

Beauty. Even though time has left a stamp on its surface, its grandeur remains. Making Headlines.
Can Bordoy - Grand House & Garden


A Premium Collection of Experiences by Can Bordoy.


Capturing Can Bordoy's soul.


Meet our family through their stories
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